The Sacrifice by Bruce Mutard I’ve been waiting impatiently for more than a year for a graphic novel called The Sacrifice by Bruce Mutard to be published by Allen & Unwin (although I only knew vague details which were whispered in my ear). It was launched in April. I’m a bit slow and only just found this out from the Bughouse.

The Sacrifice draws compelling parallels between Australia then and now, and explores questions of courage, masculinity, tolerance and national identity that will resonate long after the book is read.

I’m always excited when an Australian graphic novel is published because there’s so few of them.

Perth based Gestalt Publishing started publishing graphic novels last year. Their most recent release, Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday written by Alex Cox, with art by Chris Bones & Justin Randall, was also launched in May April in Perth and Melbourne. It’s the sequel to the movie Repo Man. Alex Cox had this to say about it:

Ten years after Repo Man, I became interested in the idea of a sequel. Specifically – what had happened to Otto, during his ten-year absence from Earth? And what would he make of the changes which had taken place in his absence? Otto, it would appear, has been held prisoner, in great luxury, on the planet Mars. Now he has returned to Earth, and changed his name – to Waldo

I had meant to blog about the Perth launch and Gestalt Publishing, but things got in the way.

Now I have some reading to do. And you might like to know that both these books are written for adults, although I’m sure there’s teenagers out there who might enjoy them.