Liz B, blogger at Pop Goes the Library and A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy, commented on the LISNews post Ten Librarian Blogs to Read in 2010.

Hang out a little bit in library-land, and you’ll soon hear the talk about books.

Or, rather, not about books.

Yes, libraries are about more than books. I totally agree. No argument there.

But it does disappoint that ‘more than books’ has become ‘not about books.’

She provided some alternatives to the LISNews list – library ppl blogs about books and of course Liz B books it up at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy. They’re USian, but have a look at my blog roll for some Aussie egs, as well as those US ones which provide me with just as many good reads. I find it much more fun to blog about books (and GNs are books) than the latest Twitter replacement :) which means I have to get back to blogging.

After my thesis (and computer) free holiday, I got a job, I have three articles to write in the next two months and I’ve been neglecting this here blog. (This blogless time may have been compounded by the new blog of the WA Branch of CBCA where I’m not allowed to be as stupid creative as I want :P) I have not been neglecting my reading! Now I just have to blog about all the magical books my brain has been soaking up. This may include Patrick Ness (who finds the weather in Perth a bit too hot), Kevin Brooks and Eric Drooker, among other assorted delights.

And regarding teenagers’ reading: The other night I talked to some kids skating (that’s on a skateboard) in the carpark of the school near my house. The mother of one had just arrrived to pick up her son, but I convinced the kids they had to go back to the school cos a gate which usually blocks off the run-up to a six set of stairs was open and they weren’t going to get this opportunity again in a hurry.

One of them ollied the six stair for my entertainment (after some false starts when he tried to kickflip it – showing off is never a good idea :P). Then I went back to the mother to apologise and say they weren’t going to be five minutes, which was what her son had told her. We talked about skating and then the conversation turned to reading cos I mentioned I was a librarian. She said her son didn’t like reading but he did like books filled with blood and gore. I was able to recommend Jack Heath, who I’ve never read, but I saw him at the Perth Writers’ Festival last weekend and knew he was king of blood and gore. I was impressed with his metaphor:

His back was a bloodied colander of tiny exit wounds. – Third Transmission (Pan Macmillan, 2009)

The kid’s mother was very happy to find an author her son might actually like and I hope he does.