My career in making up words is over. It was so short, I’m sad to see it go.

I was proud of delicitude, the word I made up, and I told my friend about it. He was as excited as me and told me to tell the OED to add delicitude.

You’re a librarian, use that direct link you have to the Oxford Dictionary.

I told him about common usage. I explained at great length what it means and how a word attains it, but he really didn’t want to know. I decided I would make delicitude achieve common usage. I googled it, just to make sure it wasn’t in common usage and what did I find? I didn’t make up the stupid word! even five year olds use it.

But it’s not in the Oxford Dictionary. Deliciousness is and it’s too hard to say with all those ssses. I had a look at their recent additions (10 June) and they added “rock paper scissors.” In the usage examples for “rock paper scissors” the most recent is Nathan Nuttboard!?

2006 A. EATON Nathan Nuttboard 156 ‘How about they do rock paper scissors?’ another boy suggested. ‘Loser gets pounded first.’
Oxford English Dictionary, 20 June 2010, Oxford University Press

Maybe I should ask Anthony Eaton to have Nathan Nuttboard talk about the delicitude of his meals and it’ll make it into the Oxford Dictionary.